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Dwarf - Midget Hire

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Whatever type of party you are planning, you need to consider hiring a midget! They will create the some party ambiance like you have never seen before. Everyone will get a kick out of the loveable character that will be presented to you in handcuffs. This is a two-hour activity that includes your very own midget. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Your midget will bring some entertainment like you wouldn’t believe - the perfect sidekick to any group. You can customize the theme of your encounter and rest assured that your midget is a professional and will provide astonishing entertainment. Your crew will love him and he will be the life of the party and will create memories with you that will last a lifetime. Our midgets are so popular, you will find that you’ll wonder why you didn’t invite him sooner. Trust us, this is an option you won’t regret. It’s a sure fire way to add some fun and keep your whole group laughing.


Handcuffed dwarf for 2 hours


2 hours


£ 25 per person

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