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Night Club Entry + Q Jump, Unguided

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We will get your name on a centrally located nightclub that is just ideal for your groups night out.

Don’t worry for a minute that you’ll have to wait in any lines for your nightlife. We’ve got you on the inside track where lines don’t exist and bouncers can’t harrass you for bribes. It won’t matter how many girls you do or don’t have in your group. With us, you’re on the VIP list every night. 

Not only are you not being harrassed when you arrive, but the clubs are waiting for you. They’ve accomodated everything on your list for a most lux and exciting experience. Just imagine being the star of the show…well now you are.  We do all the scouting and hard work for you. Your only responsibility is to relax, enjoy yourself and let the good times role. We know where to go, and we know how to get there. Trust us, it’ll be a night you won’t soon forget.


Arranged entrance to the Night Club

Q Jump


Till the sun rises


£ 6 per person

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