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Lap Dance Club Entry Unguided

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While it often helps to have a guide to take you on your way there are times when it is preferable to being alone with your friends. Not everything has to be witnessed by a third party and the time spent in the lap dancing club may be the time to finally do it alone. Riga has some amazing lap dancing clubs, and the one that is chosen is among the best and it is likely that you will return to it when there is the chance later on in the holiday. There needs to be 8 of you in order to book this trip, and due to the nature of the event is available all year round.  

The lack of a guide will not diminish the fun you have but there may be the need to arrange a few things before hand. Food is not provided for this event, so you should eat early on as you don’t want to be too drunk to enjoy everything that is happening. If you are going to have a dance from a beautiful dancer you want to remember it and boast about it. Entrance to the lap dancing club is included in the price of booking the event.


Arranged Entrance To Riga's TOP Lap Dance Club

Reserved table for the group


as long as you wish


£ 5 per person

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