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Winter Bobsleigh

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Winter soft sleigh is one of the many winter activities you should not miss once you are in Riga for your stag weekend. This is an ideal alternative for people who do not have the courage to experience the frightening ordeal of being swooshed down on a real, high speed bobsled ride. 

Winter sleigh is the slower version of bobsleigh but the fun and excitement are definitely the same. The sleigh is made from softer materials to make sure the ride will be more comfortable compared to the real Olympic style bobsleigh that is made mostly from metal and can reach the speeds of up to 100 km/h. If you choose to ride the soft bobsleigh, doesn't mean that you will not experience great and crazy feelings. The soft sleigh ride will be fast, fun and breathtaking and there is no reason why you would not feel even a slight adrenaline rush once the sleigh starts its downward roll. 

This winter day time activity can be substituted with something a bit crazier and more exciting. You can ride the sleigh while lying flat on your stomach so you can get a full view of the gut wrenching track ahead. Once you are pushed down the track, be prepared to reach gut wrenching speed head first. It is hard to describe the feeling so you have to experience it to understand. 


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English Speaking Guide

Safety Equipment

1 Ride each


3 hours


Do not eat too much before the activity and dress up warm :)


£ 45 per person

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