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Wine Tasting Session

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We all know that anything - and we mean anything is better with wine. This activity is perfectly paired with whatever else you have planned for your stag weekend. We will set you up with a guide, get your venue hired out, teach you all about wine’s history and walk you through your wine tasting session. Not only is this activity educational, but also it’s down right tasty.

Let’s be honest though - chances are you are there for reasons other than the history of the wine. We know, we get it.  We’ll just throw some history in there to appease the intellectuals. Really, we’re just all about the wine. This is a great activity to try some new flavors and relax with those you are closest to. Kick back and relax and let your worries melt away as we bring you some of the best wines in the country. We will teach you all about the different varieties and we’ll let your senses go wild. There are five basic steps in wine tasting: color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor. Don’t worry though if you skip a couple steps and go straight to the gulping. Your secret is safe with us.


English Speaking Guide

Venue hire

Wine tasting session

Wine history


3 hours


£ 35 per person

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