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Riga Tank Riding Experience (Not Available in 2024)

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An epic stag do in Riga needs a few things. You will need some booze, a bunch of babes, and monstrous battle tanks. That’s right, you and the lads can have the epic stag do that you have always wanted. Fulfill your fantasy of becoming soldiers when you climb into battle tanks on the Riga stag weekend that you and the lads are planning. Book the unbelievably epic Riga Tank Riding Experience and make memories that will be impossible to forget!

Spend your weekend in Riga doing stag activities like the Riga Tank Riding Experience for a truly memorable stag do! Take the coolest pictures on top of or surrounding the battle tank before you head inside and take it out for a ride. As much as it would be awesome to drive the tank yourselves, it’s not an easy task but that’s why we have a professional battle tank driver to do that for you. That way, you can focus on enjoying the ride with your best mates inside the battle tank as it is driven over rough terrains and all sorts of off road paths. 

Each of you will be equipped with the proper safety gear such as helmets. So, hold on tight because the Riga Tank Riding Experience is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

Book the Riga Tank Riding Experience as one of your stag activities for the much awaited Riga stag weekend and learn about what it takes to drive a tank and win a war. Not only will you get to ride the cool battle tank but you and the lads will also get a crash course on how the tank works and how it was developed over the decades that have passed.  

For more stag activities that are as epic as the Riga Tank Riding Experience, make sure to ask us about the other stag do ideas we have for you! Book your stag activities in advance to get to do them all on your preferred dates and time. Don’t wait too long or else you might just regret it.


*Tank Experience Activity is not available until May 2024


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Ride with armored vehicle Sd.Kfz. 251 (OT-810)

Ride with tank StuG III Ausf



3 hours


£ 103 per person

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