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Foot Darts

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Riga is a place for everyone. You can go there with your family or alone or with a group of friends. You wont be disappointed with what the place has to offer. With tons of activities at your disposal, you shouldnt be worried about what you cannot do, you should be worried about what all you can! If you are someone who loves enjoying the night, you can do that in Riga. With several night clubs open every night for the full time, you can try them out. There are also different pubs which you can hop from. 


One thing that you might not have heard about is the Foot Darts of Riga. You can get one from the help of Riga stag do. They offer some of the best cars in the whole city. The cars are well built and guarded with some of the best materials. It has some of the best bulletproof cars in the world. The cars are worth in millions. If you want you can travel to one of them for a little bit of time. You can also order strippers if you want. The car also comes with some of the best and expensive vodka bottles. 


Venue hire

All instructions and equipment

Return Transfers

English Speaking Guide


2 hours


£ 50 per person

Contacts details

Group information