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Shooting 2 guns

First slide

Shooting real guns offers great excitement not to mention the amount of adrenaline rush you are about to experience. On your stag weekend, there is no harm enjoying a bit of adrenaline rush before you scour the rest of Riga at night. A piece of gun shooting action will definitely add a bit of excitement to your stag weekend where you can lay your hands on some serious guns. As a man, there is something enigmatically rewarding about experiencing the real power of authentic shooters and live ammunition! 

Put your shooting skills to the test with a handy but powerful Glock 17 and Winchester Pump-Action Shotgun! Have the most enjoyable shooting experience in an old soviet bunker with our friends and show them who has the best trigger finger.

We can’t think of what’s better than shooting a gun.  Oh wait, yes we can.  Shooting two guns! This one hour activity comes complete with a glock and a Winchester shotgun for your shooting pleasure and instruction of course.  We want all of our users whether novice or experienced to leave feeling more alive than ever and more comfortable operating a fire arm.  Come feel the cold metal between your fingers and feel the rush as you hit your mark. 

Shooting has long been a hobby of millions.  It’s fun, affordable and offers a thrill that little else will.  Most people didn’t know that firing a gun triggers the same chemicals in the brain as riding a roller coaster or racing around our race trace in go karts: endorphins and adrenaline.  You will love the way it makes you feel to shoot a firearm successfully.  Come practice on our targets and improve your aim.  It’s a fantastic skill to have and helps with fine motor skills.  Come perfect your craft have a relaxing day at the shooting range.

You won’t be disappointed in this activity.  It’s available year round in our indoor shooting range and can accommodate any size group, though we suggest 8.  We have some incredible instructors that will guide you if you are unsure of what to do, or merely help supervise the fun.  We suggest you get a rolling bet going between your party to see who can hit the target first and with the most accuracy.  It’s a fun experience that will bond any group.


2 guns

15 rounds each

Safety Equipment


Return Transfers

English Speaking Guide

Bubbly for the winner


1 hour


Additional rounds of bullets can be purchased on site.


£ 48 per person

Contacts details

Group information