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Dog Attack Prank

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If you’re a character that likes to prank your friends, then this is absolutely the activity for you. The activity lasts for an hour and a half and comes complete with an actual trained K9 attack dog, it’s handler, full protective gear and a guide. 

There is little else in the world that will get someone moving like a killer attack dog will. This certainly isn’t an activity for the faint of heart but can be highly entertaining if you’re up for it. What might start out as a prank on your unsuspecting victim - will definitely end up being an education and enlightening experience as you work with the handler and trainer to learn a few new skills. It’s exhilarating to know the dog could turn on you at any moment if it wanted to but has been trained to only attack on command.

It’s even more of an adrenaline rush to suit up in protective gear and stand ready as the trained dog is coming to take you down. It may take some convincing ahead of time, but you will be so glad you did it once it’s over. These dogs are amazing and it’s fascinating to watch them take down their target like they have been trained to do. Watching them in action might just be the highlight of your weekend.


Return Transfers

Safety uniform

Professional K9 dog training facility and instructors

English Speaking Guide


2 hours


Make sure you've got some diapers for the Stag with you


£ 34 per person

Contacts details

Group information