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Bungee Jumping

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Celebrating one’s stag weekend in Riga has become increasingly popular over the past few decades because of what is offered by Riga itself. Many people who have been on stag weekend adventures in Riga say that they are life changing and one of the best experiences that they have ever been on. And if you haven’t experienced jumping off a cable car before, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to try it with your friends on your stag weekend. Book this activity and get strapped in before jumping out of a cable car that is suspended 45 meters high above a picturesque river just outside of Riga. 

Enjoy the scenic view over the river and experience a new kind of rush when the cable stops midway and you have no choice but to trust on the bungee cord tied to your ankles before you jump out. This stag activity is not for the lily – livered but if you do survive this one, you will definitely remember this as one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping stag weekend of your life. 

Bungee Jumping in Riga is the quintessential hurtling experience you will ever experience in your life! Imagine jumping from a 45 meter high aerial cable car and after you have spent all your energy and stopped screaming, you will still have enough time and senses to discover the beauty of the area after your free fall over the Gauja river is over.


One Jump each

English Speaking Guide

Return Transfers

Safety Equipment

Bubbly for the stag.


3 hours


Bring Extra Underwear ha-ha


£ 129 per person

Contacts details

Group information