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Beer Spa

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Book epic stag do ideas that will let you and the lads have the best stories to tell when you get back home. One of the coolest stag activities is spending time at a Beer Spa and it’s not what you think it is! No, it isn’t your regular spa where you get treated like kings and get to indulge in unlimited beer but instead, the Beer Spa we’re taking you on your Riga stag do lets you bathe in beer!

Tell us you’ve done that before! We’re sure you haven’t and the much awaited stag do in Riga should be the time you try it out for yourselves! 

Your weekend in Riga will be filled with stag activities that will either take you on an adrenaline high or drown you in alcohol, or maybe even both! The best thing to do to make sure that you spend the Riga stag weekend without headaches or body aches is by getting a relaxation session at the Beer Spa. Set aside a day for some rest and some toned down partying. Wherever there’s beer there is always a party but because you’re at a Beer Spa instead of a club, you won’t really be doing much dancing or flirting with the sexy babes. You and the lads can take this time to catch up with each other and reminisce about the good old days. 

Having some quality time at the Beer Spa can reap many great benefits for the rest of the Riga stag weekend. You can all talk about how happy you are to see each other and how long it’s been since you’ve had nothing else to worry about. Settle down and enjoy the warm beer baths as you submerge yourselves in the many pools at the Beer Spa. 

Spend your stag do in Riga with your best mates doing the most epic and unbelievable stag do ideas! Book your trip to the Beer Spa with us and we’ll make sure that you have a blast when you get here! Pack your bags and get ready for an epic weekend!


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20-minute beer bath

1 Beer each

30 minute rest in a straw bed


2 hrs


£ 130 per person

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